Installation and setup:

See Mac and windows install guilds at the top of the page
Chrome compatibility
The demostory browser is built on the open source version of Google Chrome, chromium.
Google Bookmark Sync and Google Chrome Profiles
Google has removed some API access and no longer allows chromium based browsers to use these features. See chromium-chrome-sync-bookmarks
PDF Viewer
Currently the chrome based pdf viewer is not working. We recommend using a desktop based viewer (Adobe for example). If this is a feature you are looking for please let us know by emailing sales@demostory.io

How to use demostory:

Editing Tabs
Right click to edit tab. This menu allows you to set the color and name of each tab.
“Apply to all session tabs” will update the rest of the tabs in that session. It will not set new tabs created in that session either by “new tab same session” or from opening a link (example: an email notification link). To make sure all new tabs in that session have the same name check “apply to new tabs”. This will not update existing tabs, but set the name for all new tabs in that session. You will need to uncheck the box to edit the name
To update all existing tabs and new tabs to the same name check “apply to new tabs” then “apply to all session tabs”.
Managing Sessions and Colors
Each tab is a new session. Each session is like having a new incognito window or a new Chrome profile session. This allows you to be logged in as different users in each session.
Each “new” tab is its own session. Currently only 8 colors are offered. Unlimited new sessions can be created and the colors will just start repeating. It is possible to have different sessions with the same color if desired.
Add tabs to the same session by right clicking the session you are in and select “New tab same session”.
Save As
Save As allows you to save as many different demos as desired. The system will ask you to save a Json file. Save that file somewhere it won't get deleted but do not edit that file. The browser automatically create a desktop shortcut for the demo saved. On windows the shortcut will be created on your desktop and Mac in the demostory apps folder. To update an existing demos just use save as and save over the demo you want to override.
The demostory browser is built on Chrome and groups work in it. The demostory sessions tabs use the same color as groups. Create a group and choose the same color to match the tab. From there you can pull in the rest of the session tabs into that group.
Settings and Extensions
When you go to the Chrome settings (chrome://settings/) it will open a master session (black tab). You cannot edit the settings on the individual sessions. If you need to edit the sessions settings please contact sales@demostory.io
Extensions can only be installed on the master profile and won't be able to be used in the other sessions. Most extensions we see pre sales professionals use are around saving and setting up your demo. If there are extensions you need please contact sales@demostory.io